Arm lıft

As people age or if they lose weight, the skin on their upper arms can sag and droop. This problem cannot be resolved by intensive physical exercise or using creams. However, an arm lift operation is often a possible solution.

At an initial consultation, the plastic surgeon can decide whether an arm lift is possible for you and if the results you are looking for can be achieved. During this consultation, the plastic surgeon may show you for and after photos of an arm lift.

The skin on your upper arms can slacken and droop as a result of aging or weight loss. An arm lift procedure involves removing the excess skin from the upper arm. The skin is then pulled tighter, giving the upper arm a more appealing shape and feel.

An arm lift clearly enhances the aesthetic appearance of the upper arms. After the procedure, you will feel more self-confident in sleeveless clothing, so you can walk out that door again in your favourite summer dress! But you should bear in mind that an arm lift may leave scars on your upper arms. The plastic surgeon will always take care to explain all the consequences of the procedure in your personal consultation. For example, they will point out that – even if they work with the utmost care and attention – it is never possible to give a 100% guarantee that both upper arms will be fully symmetrical after the procedure.