Buttock Lıft

Buttocks may start to sag through aging or after extreme weight loss, giving the appearance of a “square” backside. Firming creams and plenty of sport usually lead to disappointing results. A buttock lift is often a possible solution.

At your first consultation, the plastic surgeon will be able to tell you whether a buttock lift can be performed on you. And whether the result you want to achieve from a buttock lift can be reached. During this consultation, the plastic surgeon may show you before and after photos of a buttock lift.

You are expected to arrive at the Boerhaave clinic half an hour before your procedure.

The buttock lift is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes approximately 1 hour. A thin tube will be inserted into your arm (a drip), through which the anaesthetic is administered.

During the procedure under general anaesthetic, your vital signs, such as pulse, heart rate and respiratory rate, will be monitored by the anaesthetist and their team.
An incision is made above the buttocks, via which the plastic surgeon removes the excess skin. The scar will fall below the bikini line. After stitching together the wound, the plastic surgeon will apply a support bandage to the buttocks.