Neck Lıft

A neck lift (also called a z-plasty) is an excellent solution to remedy excess and sagging skin on your neck and under your chin.

The skin can be excised by making a small incision (in the shape of a ‘z’) under the chin. The results of this treatment can only be seen in the neck, and a visible scar is left behind.

People bothered by sagging skin under their chins (known as a “turkey neck”) opt for this treatment. A neck lift alone usually only delivers the desired results in a few cases. People with loose skin on their necks generally have loose neck muscles too. If this is the case, it is recommended to undergo a combined neck lift and facelift. In this combined procedure, the skin and underlying muscle tissue are pulled back from behind the ear, which also sculpts the whole neck region.

A neck lift (z-plasty) can be performed under local sedation as a day care procedure. This means that you are generally free to go home on the same day.