Breast Reconstructıon

Breast reconstruction, i.e. breast repair, is a surgical procedure performed to restore the shape of your breast. After a surgery that removes the breast to treat or prevent breast cancer, the breast tissues are reconstructed with similar tissues through the procedure called breast reconstruction. Most of breast reconstruction procedures performed using the tissues of your own body are performed during mastectomy (removal of the entire breast). However, a second operation can be performed to provide correct positioning of the breast, ensure it to look natural, and reconstruct the nipple. Breast reconstruction is an extremely difficult and complex procedure. If, in particular, the procedure will be performed after cancer, it would be appropriate to evaluate the situation together with a specialist team composed of breast surgeons and plastic surgeons, for ensuring the best decision and good result. The options for breast reconstruction treatment are divided into two. The first is the procedure that involves the use of the patient’s own tissue, and the second is the procedure that involves the use of implants. Which method will be used is performed is determined by the joint decision of the surgeon and patient.

The operation time of breast reduction usually ranges from 1 to 5 hours. This varies depending on the technique used. There is no certain appropriate age range for surgery. In other words, this surgical procedure can be performed on anyone who needs it at any age. Your hospitalization time also varies depending on the scope of the surgery. If it will be a simple implant placement operation, is to be performed, it can be a day case surgery. However, it may last up to a week, if it will be a more complex operation.