Breast Uplıft

Women who are considering a breast uplift often do so because their breasts have begun to sag. This can happen through loss of elasticity in the skin with age, weight loss or pregnancy. A breast uplift returns the breasts to their original shape and firmness.

If breasts start to lose their firmness over the course of time, a breast uplift will clearly improve their shape and firmness. It is possible to combine a breast uplift with a breast augmentation. This is an advisable option if your breasts have not only sagged but also lost volume.

Breasts develop in puberty. The size and shape of your breasts are primarily determined by your genes. Other factors affecting the size and firmness of your breasts include variations in weight, pregnancy and condition of the skin and muscle tissue.

Sagging breasts can make women feel particularly unhappy. In some cases, a breast uplift offers the perfect remedy.
A breast uplift may also be an excellent solution for sagging breasts that still have sufficient breast tissue. With sagging breasts that have also lost volume, the answer may be a breast uplift combined with a breast augmentation to insert breast implants. A possible solution may be to remove skin as well as breast tissue. In such cases, the breast uplift will be combined with a breast reduction.
After a breast uplift, the breasts will be firmer and have more volume.