Eyelıd Surgery

What is aesthetic eyelid surgery?
Due to aging and the effect of gravity, the upper and lower eyelids may suffer from sagging and the fat tissues especially in the lower eyelids begin to grow which may lead to pufiness and herniation. This, aside from ruining ones appearance, saggy upper eyelids may obstruct a persons vision as the cover the top of the eye. Aesthetic eyelid surgery removes extra skin and herniated fat tissues from the body, this results in both a better appearance and better vision. A scar will be left along the upper eyelid. However since the scar will be conformed with the eyelid fold, it could only be seen when looked at from a very close range. With the lower eyelid however, the scar will be located right under the eyelash making it look like a normal line in the skin. Scars on the eyelids are the least persistent in the human body.

Who are fitting candidates for this surgery?

People within 30 years of age whose upper and lower eyelids have begun to sag and suffer from no other health problems are candidates for this surgery.

The Surgery?

The surgery takes place in an operating room under the regulations of the hospital and the supervision of an anesthetics expert. A combination of a local anesthetic and sediation (through the veins) is preferable. Depending on the complaints of the patient, only the upper or lower eyelids or both upper and lower eyelids could be done in the same surgery. The average duration of the surgery is 1-1.5 hours. It is possible to go back home during the same day.

After the surgery?

The early period after the surgery usually passes comfortably. There maybe swelling and prupleness around the eye as well as a feeling of dryness, a burning sensation and cloudy vision. Tearing may increase and light may bother the eyes. During the first few days the patient may not be able to fully close their eyes. These are expected effects that would fade on their own during the first week. The stitches will be removed after 3-5 days.

Returning to a normal life?

The surgery brings a good result. Rarely, retouching (another surgical interference) may be required. The person may return to work 3 days later. If the person wears contact lenses, they may do so 1 week later. The new form of the eyelids, due to the effect of gravity, may last for some years or for the rest of a persons life depending on their body structure.