Face Lıft

Another name for facelift surgery is “Rhytidectomy”. Facelift surgery removes wrinkles located on the face and neck; if there is any, it also removes the fat from under the chin and it strengthens the tissues under the skin.

Who are the best candidates for this surgery?

The ideal candidates for facelift surgery are those whose skin on the face and neck has begun to hang down but still has not lost all its elasticity and do not suffer from other health problems. This surgery is generally suitable for men and women at the age of 40. During facelift surgery, for the face to look more beautiful and younger, aesthetic eyelid and nose surgery, adjustment of the forehead or eyebrow lift surgery might be added. For slim wrinkles, filling substances may be injected (fat, hyaluronic acid etc.) or peeling (mechanic, chemical,laser) make be done.

Before surgery

When you consider undergoing facelift surgery, first contemplate what you want and why, afterwards apply for plastic surgery. Explain and discuss with your doctor each and everyone of your desires and expectations. If you are a smoker then you should absolutely quit 10 days before the surgery. Tell your doctor about your tanning and skin care routines. For a better a permanent result do not forget to ask your doctor about whats necessary after the surgery. Discuss the subject with your doctor a few times if necessary.

The surgery

The surgery takes place in an operating room under the regulations of the hospital and the supervision of an anesthetics expert. The same way a general anesthetic is used, a local and intravenous sedation ( through the veins) could be applied. Under normal conditions it lasts for 2-2.5 hours. It is possible to go back home in the same day. If extra procedures (nose, eyelids etc.) are done then it may last longer and 1 night will be spent at the hospital. Facelift surgeries leave lines, however they are not clear. These lines are hidden in the temporal area in the scalp, in front of and behind the ears. If fat is extracted from under the chin, a 3-5 mm. line will take place. If eyelids and forehead lifts are added, lines will be hidden in hairy parts of that skin. These lines however generally are hidden and not clear lines.

After the surgery

The early period after the surgery generally passes comfortably. Generally there may be swelling and prupleness, a feeling of numbness and tightness of the face. During the surgery, the nerves of the face may become asymmetrical because it may be slightly affected by the anesthetic. This will fade within 3-5 days on its own. A head wrap will be applied with the eyes, nose and mouth opened. Rarely, to prevent blood from accumulating inside, a pipe called “a drain” will be used. Because the blood supply in the facial skin of male patients is richer, bleeding and blood clots are more common therefore the usage of a “drain” may be more necessary. “Drain” are removed 2 days later. A general checkup and change of wrapping is done. The hair is washed and if needed the wrap is changed, Stitches are removed 5-7 days later.