Nose Surgery

Aesthetic nose surgery or reconstructive nose surgery is the most widely practiced form of Aesthetic surgery. İn such surgeries; your nose could be reduced in size, the tip or arch of the nose could be restructured, you could have the size of your nostrils reduced or the angle above the upper lip changed.

At the same time, disfigurements from birth defects or resulting from wounds could be fixed and some problems with inhaling could go away.

If Aesthetıc Nose Surgery Is Of Interest To You

Burun estetiği ameliyatında ağrı hisseder miyim?Aesthetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) or reconstructive surgery is the most widely practiced form of aesthetic surgery, With aesthetic nose surgery your nose could be enlarged or reduced in size, the nose tip or arch could be reshaped, you could have the size of your nostrils reduced or the angle above the upper lip changed. In addition, disfigurements results from birth defects or injuries could be repaired and some breathing problems could be taken care of.

The Most Suıtable Cases For Aesthetıc Nose Surgery

Aesthetic nose surgery could enhance your physical appearance and increase your self confidence. This however, does not mean that the surgery is to change your facial appearance in the exact way you had imagined nor that people would have to treat you differently afterwards. Before deciding to undergo surgery, ask your self why you do want to undergo the surgery and what your expectations are, you should discuss this with your surgeon and decide carefully. Those seeking perfection are not the most suitable patients for aesthetic surgery however those hoping to make better progress and enhance their physical appearance are.

Many surgeons prefer postpone their surgeries until after the patient has reached the age of puberty. This period is concerning young girls, for boys around 14-15 years old it is a little longer. To be certain that the decision to undergo surgery was made by the young individual themself not their family, social and mental conformity should be take into consideration since they themselves are to live with the results.

All Surgıcal Procedures Carry An Uncertaın Amount Of Rısk

When aesthetic nose surgeries are done by experienced aesthetic surgeons, complications (unwanted results) are rare and generally insignificant. Despite this however complications are always possible, these being: infections, nosebleeds or reactions to anesthesia. After surgery, cracks in small capillaries in the form of very small red dots on the skin surface may appear.

Since aesthetic nose surgery takes place inside the nose, visible incisions are not a cause of concern. However when exposed techniques are used or reducing the size of the nostrils is required, very fine lines on the base of the nose take place but are generally insignificant since they are almost invisible.

Out of every 10 cases more or less one might require a second surgery (repairing a small deformity for example). Such situations are very difficult to predict and could affect the patients of the most talented and experienced surgeons.
The corrective second surgery is generally on a smaller scale and a simpler one.