Your ears may be so prominent that they can cause you embarrassment or distress. Protruding ears are the result of inherited abnormalities in the cartilage of the outer ear. An ear correction can significantly improve the shape of your ears.

Plastic surgery corrects the position of the ears so that they are brought closer to the head instead of sticking out. Our experienced plastic surgeons will be happy to provide you with more information in a free no-obligation first consultation.

An ear correction procedure can be performed to change the size, shape and position of the ear. The aim of an ear correction is to make the ears fit in harmoniously with the rest of the face.

Protruding ears are often a source of irritation and sometimes even psychological distress. A minor ear correction procedure can correct the position of the ears, immediately resolving any feelings of irritation and insecurity.

Just as with the nose, the ears are prominent features that determine what you look like. Ears that are abnormal in size, shape or position can be really noticeable. Large ears, for instance, are often a source of acute embarrassment.

Protruding ears are quite common. They occur as a result of an inherited abnormality in the cartilage of the outer ear. The ear sticks out perpendicular to the head. An ear correction is an excellent way of changing the position of the outer ear. An ear correction is a minor procedure that can lead to significant improvements. An ear correction is a really simple way of changing your appearance for the better, and putting an end to unwanted attention from others.